The Great Spoon

TGS Catering is the catering division of Shree Radhe Caterers. Our outdoor catering services can effectively accommodate capacities of 500 to 5500 persons and more. Our unique catering services are created to satisfy the demanding culinary needs for meetings, conferences, weddings, or events of almost any magnitude. We have a workforce of over 120+ individuals.

Since every TGS catering request is distinct, we provide complete flexibility in designing a menu to suit your occasion and preferences. Our menu offers a wide selection of sweets as well as exotic soups and starters, mocktails, Indian (Gujarati, Punjabi, Rajasthani, etc.) and international entrees including Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and Thai.

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Director’s Message

Marriage can be thought of as a sacred procession in which two souls combine, swear to care for one another, and commit to remaining together. With this in mind, I believe that a wedding is a very important occasion in your life and we want to help, make it beautiful, memorable, and delicious. In India, a marriage is much more than just two people forming a bond; it is celebrated as a grand occasion which reunites the entire family and creates bond memories which we remember for a lifetime.

We make your special day of love an amazing occasion that you will remember for the rest of your life. I really think that customers should be treated with respect, and I strive to give each visitor the impression that their money was well spent. To sum up, I can only advise selecting “TGS Catering” and being a guest at your own event to ensure a huge success.